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Shamini gives talks and workshops on several topics within healing, creativity, healthcare, and science (please see Talks and Workshops for upcoming speaking engagements). Shamini often shares in diverse settings including hospitals, universities, corporations and conferences, in gatherings that have ranged to date, from 20-2000 people.

Topics and talks are tailored for each audience.  Example topics are listed below:

  • Harnessing the Power of Spirit-Mind-Body Science to Improve Your Health

  • Finding your Flow: Unlock Your Co-Creative Potential 

  • Putting Placebo into Practice

  • Biofield Science and the Future of Medicine

  • Hacking into Healing:  Psychoneuroimmunology, Placebo, and Beyond

  • How Positivity Changes the World:  Scientific and Social Insights

  • The Power of Healing:  Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science 

Shamini is also available for individual and organizational consultation on a case-by case basis, and can also provide referrals for personal and research consultation if needed.

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