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I have limited availability for individual consultation for personal wellness and growth.  I combine my expertise in clinical psychology and mind-body medicine, East Indian spirituality, and energy healing to help you align with your healing path and purpose.  Please let me know your specific needs/desires.   If I can't help directly, I can definitely provide referrals as needed. 

For research and technology consultation, please contact our Consciousness and Healing Initiative research and tech team directly here.  I will receive your request and our team will let you know how we can best help you.

Talks and Workshops

I often give talks and workshops on several topics within healing, creativity, healthcare, and science. I love to share in diverse settings including large conferences, corporations, hospitals and healing centers, and universities. Audience sizes to date have ranged from 20-2000 people.

Topics and talks are tailored for each audience.  Examples include:

  • The Healing Power of Conscious Connection

  • The Well of Being: Science and Spiritual Insights for a Happy, Fulfilling Life

  • Placebo = HEAL - How the science of Placebo can improve your health

  • Consciousness and the Future of Medicine

  • The Body Electric:  Biofield Science and Healing

  • How Positivity Changes the World:  Scientific and Social Insights

  • Free Your Energy, Change your Life

  • Find your Flow: Unlock Your Co-Creative Potential

  • Liberate your Voice: The Power of Connected Singing 

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