I’ve been fascinated with healing and human potential since childhood.  I was born in an East Indian Jain household and learned Jain spiritual teachings and practices at an early age.

 As I grew older I sought to understand healing through the lens of science.  Through my undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral studies at Columbia University, UC San Diego, and UCLA, I’ve conducted research in the areas of meditation, hands on healing, and other integrative medicine practices from the scientific lens of neurophysiology and psychoneuroimmunology.

My dream is to see humanity realize and actualize its full healing potential, so that we can all live healthy, fulfilling and peaceful lives.  To achieve such a lofty vision will necessitate major transformations, including within the healthcare and scientific systems, as well as within ourselves. This is what has motivated me to create the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) – a collaborative accelerator that brings together diverse perspectives to forward the science and education of healing.  It is time for us to reclaim our own power and agency in healing.

I love to share the diverse knowledge that I have gathered as a scientist, clinical psychologist, mother, singer, and healing student.  Feel free to join my upcoming talks and workshops as well as check out some of my videos and podcasts.   We have even more great, multidisciplinary resources on the CHI website.  I hope these all inspire you to further ignite yours and others' healing!