Full Moon Ritual: Honoring the Divine Feminine

shamini full moon ritual.jpg

The Full Moon is a great time to release what doesn’t serve you and society, so that you can bring in and embody what does serve. I have learned about full moon prayer ritual from my teacher Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. It’s said you have the 4 days around the waning of the full moon to offer your prayer of release. Here is a prayer offering for the full moon, please adapt as you wish. (It does not need to be said out loud.) Spirit gave me this particular practice and these words during a similar full moon two years ago. It seems very appropriate for today’s times.   (Access the Ritual Here)

Hacking Into Healing: The REAL Future of Medicine

 Hacking Into Healing: The REAL Future of Medicine

With these new advances in science, we have a choice to shape the new paradigm in health and medicine. We can choose to watch as industry dollars utilize scientific advances to advance the next wave of Big Pharma, or we can choose to support research that will irrefutably map the impact of our consciousness on our own health, so that we can better directly heal ourselves and prevent disease before it starts.

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