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KaliYuga Blues

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What’s with the name of the album, KaliYuga Blues?

According to Vedic scripture, we’re in the cycle of time of Kali Ma, called Kaliyuga. It is said to be a time of enormous density – in which we humans need to work more diligently toward our spiritual liberation. In Vedic and Tantric tradition, Kali Ma is a fierce goddess who destroys evil.  Her energy is strong and transformative, working quickly with winds of change and the lightning quality of decisiveness to dispel the negativity and ignorance that leads us to feel separate and thus cause violence to each other.

People sometimes think KaliYuga is a time of darkness and destruction, but really, it’s an age of transformation. It’s time for each of us to face our shadows – and then alchemize and integrate them so that we can actually come into a greater sense of Harmony and Unity.


Surefire Love Official Music Video

The songs in Kaliyuga Blues do just that – they illuminate the joy and pain of this human life and invite us to consider new possibilities. This entire debut album was an emergence and as such, unpredictable. The songs brought together flavors of 90s rock, East Indian mantra and even a bit of metal and electronic ambient influence.

While not by conscious design, I discovered that each of the seven songs represents the experience through a chakra, and so the journey through the album reflects the play of consciousness.

Safe Space
Told Ya
Surefire Love
Imaginal Cells
Through the Veil

Big love and deep gratitude to The Brothers Koren and Kyle Mangels who co-produced the album, as well as Tate Harrison from HitLab who did masterful mastering!

A massive hug of thanks also to musical collaborators and show bandmates, including Jamie Shadowlight, Deobrat Mishra, Greg Vaughn, Jack Wagner, Michele Whitlow, Chris Cohoon, Dusty Norberg and Dan Calma.

Finally, deep gratitude to Roni Lee and Play Like a Girl Records and Von Artists for taking me on their label.

I hope you enjoy the musical journey through KaliYuga Blues! Thanks for reading, listening and connecting!

Dr. Shamini Jain


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In this segment with Fox's Good Day LA, Dr. Shamini Jain shares tips to embrace your creativity from her book, Healing Ourselves.

Safe Space Live Performance

In this segment wtih KUSI TV San Diego, Shamini Jain shares a bit about her debut album, "Kaliyuga Blues," and sings the first track, "Safe Space,"  live with her band.

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Local bands and singers, including Shamini Jain, come together for a fundraising event for violinist Jamie Shadowlight, who is battling stage 4 cancer.

Meet Shamini Jain

Shamini Jain talks about the theme of her artistic life and how what you see is not necessarily what you get.

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Artist Bio

Shamini Jain is a singer, scientist and healing empowerment teacher who has found herself singing everything from opera to heavy metal, in venues ranging from avant-garde art galleries in New York to Southern California's House of Blues and Viper Room. The former and founding lead singer of San Diego's Iron Maiden tribute Up the Irons as well as GnR tribute Nuns n Moses (featured on the TV show Jeopardy), Shamini interweaves diverse vocal influences ranging from Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin and Bruce Dickinson to ignite ecstatic joy for her audience through unifying them with vocal power.  Her debut original album, "Kaliyuga Blues," fuses 90s hard rock, metal, folk and mantra influences to share the universal experience of being human – rocking across genres, cultures and identities.

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