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Dr. Jain is a thought and practice leader in healing, and shares her wisdom and healing presence through keynote speeches, workshops, courses and private group consultations. She teaches a variety of topics, including:

  • I Don’t End Here: The Science of Healing Connection
  • Consciousness and the Future of Medicine: The Science and Practice of Healing Ourselves
  • Taking Charge of our Mental Health: The Power of Psychoneuroimmunology and Mind-Body Practice
  • The Well of Being: Scientific and Spiritual Insights for a Healthy, Fulfilled Life
  • Placebo = HEAL: How the Science of Placebo Can Uplevel our Mental and Physical Health
  • Mind, Body and Biofield Science: How Consciousness Catalyzes Healing
  • The Power of Sound Healing: Ancient Practices and Modern Science
  • Follow Your Flow: Unlocking your Creative Potential
  • Voicing the Goddess: Sound and Mantra-based Practices to Awaken Grace, Joy and Personal Power
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