Swan-like yin yang S with shamini jain, and science, spirit, healing tagline under.
Swan-like yin yang S with shamini jain, and science, spirit, healing tagline under.

Healing Ourselves with Science and Spirit

Curious Minds


In this short video, Shamini talks with Deepak Chopra on current science underlying our understanding of healing, and the implications of consciousness and healing practices for working with trauma.  The full video, which also covers findings in bioelectromagnetics and psychoneuroimmunology, can be found through Curiousitystream.com.

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What if there really is no divide between science and spirituality?
Is the ability to heal ourselves science fiction, or actually science-based?
What would the world look like if we were truly awakened to the depths of our healing potential?
Let's find out.

Meet Dr. Shamini Jain


Clinical psychologist, scientist, and founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI)—a nonprofit collaborative accelerator that connects scientists, health practitioners, innovators, and social entrepreneurs to advance the science and practice of healing—Dr. Shamini Jain is on the forefront of a necessary revolution in science, medicine, and healing.

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Shamini 's Book with

Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health

"With "Healing Ourselves", Dr. Jain masterfully synthesizes diverse wisdom streams, weaving together scientific discoveries, ancient knowledge, and practical keys to healing, to inspire and empower us to ignite infinite healing potential for ourselves, each other, and the planet. If you want to expand your consciousness and know how to best heal yourself and others, read this book.” 

- Deepak Chopra

Author of the Healing Self and 80+ books on healing and human potentialChange

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Keynote Talks & Workshops

Dr. Jain gives online and in-person talks and workshops on the science and practice of healing, mental health, creativity and well-being.  Audience sizes to date have ranged from 20-2,000 people and include business and healthcare conferences, as well as leading retreat centers. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Science and Power of Conscious Connection
  • The Well of Being: Merging Modern Science and Ancient Wisdon Teachings for a Happy, Fulfilled Life
  • Consciousness-Based Medicine
  • Biofield Science and the Future of Healing
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Dive Into Healing

Join the Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Interested in learning more about healing from leaders in the field? Join Dr. Jain and fellow luminary scientists, healing practitioners, and educators for free monthly webinars and Ask Me Anything sessions to dive into healing science and healing practice - through Dr. Jain’s nonprofit (social profit) Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI)CHI is a collaborative accelerator that brings together scientists, healing practitioners, educators, and artists to lead humanity to heal ourselves.

Learn and connect with the healing community!

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Podcasts With Shamini

Shamini has appeared as a guest on several podcasts to share her expertise on biofield science and consciousness-based medicine and how these practices will pave the toward healing. Listen to her most recent interviews to learn more about the science behind spiritual healing.

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Perspectives and Practices for Healing

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