February 13, 2024

A Surefire Path to LOVE

I released my debut music album, Kaliyuga Blues, which is now available on all streaming platforms! This is primarily a rock album with mantra influences. Each song represents a plane of consciousness connected to a chakra.

As some of you know, January was a very busy month for me, filled with great things. On a personal note, I celebrated my 50th birthday on January 31st, and in celebration of that, I released my debut music album, Kaliyuga Blues - which is now available on all streaming platforms!   This is primarily a rock album with mantra influences. Each song represents a plane of consciousness connected to a chakra.

Check out Kaliyuga Blues here!

I was lucky enough to have a concert in San Diego to celebrate the debut, and raise funds for a dear friend going through Stage 4 cancer.  The event was a testament to the healing power of community and music and I’m so grateful everyone came together for this.

While in San Diego, we also filmed a video for my song, Surefire Love - and I wanted to share it with you!  It’s a hilarious story that reminds us that true Love begins from the inside out.  In the video, you’ll see cameos from leading lights in healing, including CHI board member Dr. Dan Vicario, sound healer Kenneth Goff, and leading homeopathy teacher Dr. Gabrielle Traub, alongside members of the incredible San Diego music community - AND my kids, sisters in law, and mother in law (who stole the show)!  

It was hilarious fun!!  We are getting great feedback on the video and I hope you enjoy it as we all consider the power of love and connection for healing.

Watch Surefire Love

Last month, I also enjoyed getting to connect with so many of you in person at the TCCHE conference in San Diego and the Open Hearts, Resilient Spirit retreat in Scottsdale.  All we teachers reflected on what a coherent and lovely group you all were to be with. It’s a joy to come together in community like this.

We also filmed some wonderful people for CHI’s Energy that Heals Documentary, including Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Lynne McTaggart. But the most touching interview was with Meera Parlikar, who many of you may remember from the initial story in my book, Healing Ourselves.  As synchronicity would have it, she was in San Diego at the same time as us, and we were able to capture hers and her fathers’ extraordinary story of healing on the DAY of her 20th anniversary remission from brain cancer. Many tears were shed, hearts were opened even wider, and so much wisdom was shared. I can’t wait for you to see the documentary. Goddess willing, with continued financial support from our community, this beautiful film will be released in early 2025.

We also had a powerful in-person Board Retreat for CHI last month, with incredible leaders in integrative health, science, and community impact. I’m so heartened by the leading lights that help to steer our nonprofit forward in the best possible ways, and am excited for CHI’s growing impact in bridging and building communities for healing education and science. Service is such a divine expression of Love and when we come together to share passions and impact in healing service, it truly is a joyful human experience.

I hope you enjoy celebrating the Love that you Are and Bring, today and always.

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