February 15, 2023

Creating Sacred Space

The recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey have reminded me again, how unpredictable life can be for any of us, in any moment.

The recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey have reminded me again, how unpredictable life can be for any of us, in any moment.  With a death toll now estimated at over 41,000 – and over 20 million (with at least 7 million of these being children) needing humanitarian assistance – the devastation can feel overwhelming.  

The loss of life, homes and place brings each of us to naturally respond to help as much as we can, through reputed on-the-ground organizations.  Reputable groups including Doctors without Borders and Syrian American Medical Society, are tirelessly working to provide medical care, counsel, and shelter.   I have no doubt that colleagues among us are already working to deploy some of the biofield based practices that we know work for trauma, to those who will need it there.

Most of us would consider our homes, and our places where we spend with our beloved friends and family, sacred space.

What happens when sacred space is taken from you?

Is it possible to share the energy of sacred space, even across cultures?

Soon, we will be sharing with you results of a peer reviewed, published cross-cultural scientific inquiry into sacred space.  A team of CHI-supported researchers, explored biofield based measures of human energy when being invited into sacred space, within ashrams in India. I’m excited to share these results with you, as we continue to explore how the biofield of sacred space expands not only energy, but consciousness.

But for now, I am considering how we might create sacred space for those who have lost their own.

While we donate monetary aid to those affected by the recent earthquakes — which is essential to provide resources to those in such significant need —  let us also remember to freely give from our fields, the energy of sacred space of our collective hearts.   

As we practice for our well-being, we can also practice for the well-being of those displaced and hurt from the earthquake – simply by bringing awareness to them in quiet moments – perhaps using phrases commonly used in metta meditation.  

We can use these phrases both for ourselves, and for those affected:

May (I) you be safe.

May (I) you be peaceful.

May (I) you be healthy.

May (I) you live with ease.

Let us open a larger sacred space for our brothers, sisters and children across the world, and expand our experience of it as well.

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